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Truck USA Simulator: Realistic Trucks, Stunning Landscapes, and Fun Challenges

Truck USA Simulator: A Complete Guide for Trucking Enthusiasts

Do you love driving big trucks? Do you want to explore the vast landscapes of America? Do you want to experience the challenges and rewards of being a truck driver? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try Truck USA Simulator, a game that offers a real trucking experience that will let you discover amazing locations.

truck usa simulator

Truck USA Simulator is a game developed by Ovidiu Pop, a company that also made Bus Simulator 2023. It is available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. It features many American and European semi truck brands and all kinds of big rigs with realistic engine sounds and detailed interiors. You can drive across America, Canada, and Mexico, transporting cool trailers such as vehicles, gasoline, gravel, food, ship anchors, helicopters, and many more. You can also become a professional truck driver and enjoy the career and the online multiplayer mode.

In this article, we will give you a complete guide on Truck USA Simulator, covering its features, gameplay, reviews, tips, and tricks. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned trucker, you will find something useful in this guide. So buckle up and let's get started!

Features of Truck USA Simulator

Truck USA Simulator has many features that make it one of the best truck simulator games on the market. Here are some of them:

Many American and European truck brands to choose from

One of the most appealing aspects of Truck USA Simulator is that it lets you drive highly detailed truck models officially licensed from iconic truck manufacturers. You can choose from many American truck brands such as Freightliner Cascadia, Kenworth T680, Peterbilt 579, Mack Anthem, Western Star 49X, International Lonestar, Kenworth W900, Peterbilt 389, Volvo VNL, etc. You can also drive European truck brands such as Mercedes-Benz Actros, Scania S, Volvo FH16, DAF XF, MAN TGX, Renault T, Iveco S-Way, etc. You can customize your truck with various accessories such as bumpers, exhausts, horns, lights, mirrors, mudflaps, spoilers, sun visors, etc. You can also change the color and paint job of your truck to suit your style.

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Different climate locations: desert, snow, mountain, city

Another feature of Truck USA Simulator is that it offers a diverse and realistic environment that changes depending on the location and season. You can drive across different climate locations such as desert, snow, mountain, city, etc. You can see the beautiful scenery of the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, the Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and many more. You can also experience different weather conditions such as rain, fog, snow, thunderstorm, etc. that affect the visibility and road conditions. You have to adapt your driving style to the changing environment and be careful not to get stuck or damage your truck.

Improved controls and realistic engine sounds

Truck USA Simulator also has improved controls and realistic engine sounds that make you feel like you are driving a real truck. You can choose from different control options such as tilt steering, buttons, or steering wheel. You can also adjust the sensitivity and feedback of the controls to your preference. You can hear the authentic engine sounds of each truck model and feel the power and torque of your big rig. You can also use the horn, turn signals, headlights, wipers, etc. to communicate with other drivers and follow the traffic rules.

Manual transmission with H-shifter and clutch

If you want to have a more challenging and realistic driving experience, you can use the manual transmission with H-shifter and clutch in Truck USA Simulator. You can choose from different gearbox options such as 6-speed, 10-speed, 13-speed, 18-speed, etc. depending on your truck model. You have to shift gears manually using the H-shifter and clutch pedals on the screen. You have to pay attention to the engine RPM and speedometer to avoid stalling or over-revving your engine. You also have to use the retarder and engine brake to slow down your truck without overheating your brakes.

Lots of trailers to transport and multiplayer mode

Truck USA Simulator also has lots of trailers to transport across America. You can choose from different types of trailers such as flatbeds, lowboys, dry vans, reefers, tankers, car haulers, livestock trailers, etc. Each trailer has its own weight and dimensions that affect the handling and performance of your truck. You have to attach and detach your trailer manually using the fifth wheel coupling on your truck. You also have to load and unload your cargo at the designated locations.

Another fun feature of Truck USA Simulator is the multiplayer mode where you can play with other truckers online. You can join or create a room with up to 4 players and chat with them using voice or text messages. You can also see their trucks and trailers on the map and follow them or challenge them to a race. You can also join a convoy with other players and cooperate with them to complete jobs together.

Visual and mechanical damage on vehicles and new weather system

Truck USA Simulator also has visual and mechanical damage on vehicles that affect their performance and appearance. You have to drive carefully and avoid collisions with other vehicles or obstacles on the road. If you damage your truck or trailer too much, you will have to repair them at a service station or call for roadside assistance. You will also have to pay for the damage costs from your earnings.

Another new feature of Truck USA Simulator is the new weather system that changes dynamically according to the time of day and location. You can see the sun rise and set in real time and admire the beautiful sky colors. You can also see the moon phases and stars at night. The weather system also affects the temperature and humidity of the air that influence the engine performance and fuel consumption of your truck.

How to Play Truck USA Simulator

Now that you know some of the features of Truck USA Simulator, let's see how to play it step by step.

Working as a freelance driver or running your own company

When you start playing Truck USA Simulator, you have two options: working as a freelance driver or running your own company.

If you choose to work as a freelance driver, you will have access to a variety of quick jobs that let you drive different trucks and trailers without owning them. You will get paid a fixed amount for each job, depending on the distance, cargo, and difficulty. You will also have to pay for the fuel, tolls, and fines from your own pocket. Working as a freelance driver is a good way to earn some money and experience at the beginning of the game, but it has some limitations. You will not be able to customize your truck, choose your own jobs, or hire other drivers.

If you choose to run your own company, you will have more freedom and responsibility. You will have to buy your own truck and trailer from the dealerships or the online market. You will also have to pay for the maintenance, insurance, and loan repayments of your vehicles. You will be able to choose your own jobs from the freight market or the cargo market, depending on the type of trailer you have. You will also be able to customize your truck with various accessories and paint jobs. Running your own company is more challenging and rewarding than working as a freelance driver, but it requires more investment and management.

Customizing and upgrading your truck

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Truck USA Simulator is customizing and upgrading your truck. You can make your truck look unique and improve its performance by changing various parts and accessories.

You can customize your truck at any service


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