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Les Mills: BodyAttack 77 - Master Class Choreography Notes 1

Les Mills: BodyAttack 77 - Master Class Choreography Notes 1

BodyAttack is a high-energy fitness program that combines athletic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. It is designed to challenge and improve your cardio fitness, agility, coordination, and muscular endurance. BodyAttack is one of the many group fitness programs offered by Les Mills, a global leader in fitness innovation.

BodyAttack 77 is the latest release of the program, featuring 12 tracks of music and choreography that will push you to your limits. The master class choreography notes are a detailed guide for instructors to learn and teach the new release. They include the following information:

Download Zip:

  • The track name, artist, and duration.

  • The track objective, focus, and coaching tips.

  • The track structure, with the number and name of each block.

  • The block choreography, with the number of repetitions, counts, moves, and cues.

  • The block options, with the level of intensity, impact, and complexity.

  • The block transitions, with the timing, direction, and preparation.

The master class choreography notes are available in PDF format on the Les Mills website . They are also accompanied by a video of the master class, where you can see the instructors demonstrating the choreography and coaching the participants. The video is a great tool to help you learn the moves, practice your timing, and refine your technique.

If you are a BodyAttack instructor, you can access the master class choreography notes and video by logging in to your Les Mills account and downloading them from the instructor portal. You can also stream them online or use the Les Mills app on your mobile device. You will need to complete an online assessment before you can teach the new release to your classes.

If you are a BodyAttack participant, you can also benefit from the master class choreography notes and video by watching them before you attend a class. You can familiarize yourself with the new music and moves, and get ready for an awesome workout. You can also use them as a reference after a class, to review what you learned and improve your performance.

BodyAttack 77 is a fun and challenging release that will test your fitness and stamina. The master class choreography notes are a valuable resource for instructors and participants alike. They will help you learn, teach, and enjoy the new release with confidence and enthusiasm.


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