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Aor 8200 Mk3 Software Downloadl

Aor 8200 Mk3 Software Downloadl

The Aor 8200 Mk3 is a wideband handheld receiver that covers from 500 kHz to 3000 MHz. It has a large LCD display, 1000 memory channels, and various scanning and search modes. It can also decode various digital modes such as CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, and APCO P25.

If you own an Aor 8200 Mk3 receiver, you might want to download some software to enhance its functionality and performance. There are several third-party software applications that can help you control, program, and analyze the signals received by your device. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Download Zip:

  • AR8200 Workshop: This is a free software that allows you to control and program your Aor 8200 Mk3 receiver from your PC. You can edit the memory channels, scan banks, search banks, and tone squelch settings. You can also monitor the signal strength, frequency, mode, and other parameters of the receiver. You can download it from [here].

  • RadioControl: This is a commercial software that enables you to use multiple radios simultaneously, manage the frequency and memory data, perform scan and search functions, and extend the functionality by plug-ins. You can also integrate it with third-party products via COM and CORBA industry standards. You can purchase it from [here].

  • VisualRadio: This is another commercial software that provides complete receiver control with spectrum display. You can also use optional add-ons for LAN/Internet control and web-based database. You can buy it from [here].

Before you use any of these software applications, you need to install the USB driver for your Aor 8200 Mk3 receiver. You can download the latest version of the driver from [here]. You also need a USB cable to connect your receiver to your PC.

With these software applications, you can enjoy the full potential of your Aor 8200 Mk3 receiver. You can explore the wide range of frequencies and modes that it can receive, program it according to your preferences, and analyze the signals that interest you.


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